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Everyone loves their dogs and cats but they can do damage to a carpet. Even those that are potty trained will track dirt in or leave hair behind embedded in the carpet fibers. Over time, the carpets can develop stains and odors. You need a company that provides carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT to eliminate them.

Removal of Stains

Even if you vacuum and try to spot clean stains in the carpet, they don’t fully go away. The stains seep deep into the carpet fibers and using water only pushes them further in. When you hire professionals who provide carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT, they will have the industrial equipment and experience to remove the stain for good. The stain will be eradicated and will not return.

Removal of Odors

Similar to stains, odors from spills or pets will make their way into the carpet fibers. Even when you use rug fresheners, they only mask the odor for a brief time. Professional carpet cleaners will use their machines to lift the odors from the carpet fibers. When they finish cleaning your carpet with their machine, your carpet will be stain- and odor-free.