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Even cheap carpet can cost thousands of dollars to install. Problem is, the cheap carpet will wear out fast and you will be spending thousands of dollars on the carpet again before you know it. Quality carpet is even more expensive, but it lasts much longer. However, even high-grade carpet will wear out. So the question is: how do you protect carpet (even in high traffic areas) and keep it looking like new? Here are 4 quick tips to do just that

1. Use Rugs and Runners

Protect high traffic areas in particular with rugs and runners. You can create any look and feel you want to compliment the design of your home and room with rugs and runners. Also, rugs and runners will be more inexpensive to replace. Using a rug or runner will protect your carpet from spills, stains, and crushing.

 2. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming will remove dirt and other debris from the carpet which protects the carpet from long term damage. When dust, dirt, and debris are left in the carpet and the carpet is walked on, the fibers of the carpet can become damaged. This damage manifests itself in a lack of fluff and discoloration. Vacuuming can keep your carpet fluffy and vibrant.

 3. Avoid Powdered Carpet Products

Carpet powders can be useful. One thing they are great for is removing odors from your flooring. However, powder residue can be left in the carpet which can damage the carpet (see above). Also, if the powder is left in there and you shampoo or steam your carpet you may see a white film manifest itself on top of the carpet.

       4. Hire Professionals (ProForce, wink, wink) Regularly

See if this sounds familiar. You vacuum and take care of your carpet (well for the most part), then after a few months, you start to see some stains emerging and some distress in high trafficked carpet areas. You wait a little longer not thinking of it. Then, the stains are noticeable and you decide to call a professional cleaner.

You waited too long. Don’t wait until you see stains, crushing, dirt, or dullness. If you wait that long, the damage has already been done. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you hire professionals to clean your carpet every 6-12 months. It’s sort of like healthcare: preventative care is much cheaper than treating something after it manifests.

Since the point is to keep your carpet safe and looking like new, be sure those you hire to clean your carpet have your carpets best interest in mind. Truck-mounted systems are superior to handheld portable devices. Also, fewer chemicals = better for your carpet. When chemicals are used be sure your hired help uses child-friendly and eco-friendly chemicals as these tend to be less abrasive and keep your carpet looking sharp and vibrant

Follow these steps and save thousands. You’re welcome.